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The 2013 Curbed Cup is Here! Name D.C.'s Best Neighborhood!

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As 2013 comes to a close, it's time to sit back and reflect on the stories, developments and people that made this year so special for D.C. Actually, screw quiet reflection: it's not like D.C. has had any of that this year. 2013 has been filled with debates: endless arguments over matter-of-right, parking minimums, building heights and Wal-Mart in general. Where there hasn't been conflict, there's been big news. Whole Foods! Walter Reed! Mega-condos! No, Curbed readers, 2013 can only be appropriately commemorated with an all-out competition for the coveted Curbed Cup!

The competition for our bragging rights-sized trophy has historically been dominated by the Southeast quadrant. Capitol Hill won the March Madness-style voting contest in 2011, and Anacostia eked out a victory over 14th Street in 2012. Who will win this year? Moreover, which neighborhoods will compete? You get to help decide. Put your nominations for neighborhood of the year in the comments section or shoot an email to with your pick. See if your neighborhood makes our sweetest sixteen.
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