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Looking Back: Curbed DC's Most Read Posts of 2013

There's not much time left in 2013, so before we put the year to bed, let's take a look at the most popular posts of the year. From the most extreme examples of Craigslist Craziness to celebrity real estate, here are the ten posts that really caught your attention this year.
UPDATE: The post that had been the 9th most read post in the middle of December when we originally gathered this data has since jumped to the top spot. The list has been edited to reflect this.

9) Back in February, we found these fifteen homes on the market in Arlington under $500K. What's more, all of them have parking!

8) Remember the final post of the Craigslist Power Hour during Renters Week? Almost no Craigslist Craziness that popped up this year could match the penthouse resident seeking a naked roommate.

5) Never underestimate the sarcasm and creativity of a ticked off, furloughed government employee. Case in point: one put up a (brilliant) post on Craigslist during the government shutdown offering to rent out the Capitol Building for $1,000/month since it wasn't being used, after all.

4) Spoiler alert: it's a celebrity real estate extravaganza over the next three spots, starting with the listing of former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's Bethesda home.

3) Even before interior photos were released of the $11 million Wexford, the Virginia vacation home built by JFK and Jackie, everyone wanted a look-see.

2) Finally, Washington Wizards wunderkind John Wall moved out of his D.C. apartment and into this massive $4.9 million Potomac manse with, among other things, its own basketball court.

1) This post about the foreclosed castle in Fauquier County clocked in at number nine when we gathered data earlier this month, but jumped to the top spot in the past few weeks. Also, many kudos and thanks to the commenters for giving an extensive and pretty cool history lesson about the castle.

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