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Curbed Cup Semifinals: (4) NoMa vs. (9) Navy Yard

It's getting down to the wire in our 2013 Curbed Cup. The winner of this match between Northeast and Southeast will go on to Monday's Curbed Cup Final! That fake trophy is so close! We'll leave the polls open a little bit longer for the final, but this matchup is still only open for twenty-four hours. Let's get to it!

For our first competitor, NoMa, let's see what you all had to say. "NoMa has so much more going for it: 3 hotels, Union Market (which will only grow further over the next 5-10 years), the upcoming Storey Park development, and, by the fall of 2016, two movie theaters. By that time, I expect NoMa will have lured some of DCs best restaurant groups to set up shop there." "I realize this is a vote for 2013. But come fall 2016, NoMa will become the new "it" neighborhood. In fact, I predict that, in time, NoMa will rival 14th St." You all can duke it out in the comments as to whether or not Union Market is a part of NoMa or just close enough to have an effect on the neighborhood.

As for Navy Yard, one commenter pointed out, "Shoulda mentioned Osteria Morini and Agua 301 opening at Navy Yard, too." And that's in addition to awesome Bluejacket and The Arsenal. It's also a Truckeroo hotspot and Nationals Stadium remains an important draw (even when it's been denied for an overhead roof).

Let this first battle of Northeast vs. Southeast begin!

Poll results

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