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Curbed Cup Second Round: (3) Brookland vs. (11) U Street

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Has everyone had a restful couple of days away from their computers? Good, because it's time to get back into the year-end competitive spirit with the 2013 Curbed Cup (which is far more fun than the Beef O'Brady's Bowl, right?) The winners from both of today's matchups will face each other tomorrow, so after this poll closes in 24 hours, you may well need to start voting again. Cool? Then, let's begin.

Local realtors confirmed that D.C. residents from other neighborhoods that wanted to stay in the District were moving to Brookland. There's a good variety of housing there as well from live/work artist studios to detached homes to the luxury condos of Monroe Street Market. Monroe Street Market will bring an &pizza and a Busboys & Poets to the neighborhood but even Brookland's old struggling coffee shop, Cafe Sureia, has found new life as Askale Cafe. Look for Brookland's Finest, from the owners of Solly's, which just got liquor license approval. Plus, there will soon be a bar/restaurant from the owners of Meridian Pint and let's not forget the well-loved pizza of Menomalé. Plus, they beat out 2011 champion Capitol Hill in the last round.

In addition to beating the everloving tar out of Georgetown last week, U Street has just had a very dynamic year. Louis at 14th has been transforming the corner of 14th and U...and it's not even open yet! Work has begun on the Atlantic Plumbing Project by the 9:30 Club, a club that Rolling Stone really, really likes. District Flea had an exciting debut. U Street got its own &pizza in the old Quiznos space and Mike Isabella's sandwich shop, G, had one of the year's more frenzied launches. Finally, this nabe is at the center of the debate over whether D.C. apartment buildings really need to provide a certain number of parking spaces for their residents. Sure, the parking minimum is still in the D.C. zoning laws, but one project first sought an exception to have first nine and then zero allotted parking spaces. Hey, U Street is an extraordinarily walkable neighborhood.

You've been reading the stories and heading out to these destinations. Now, place your votes!

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Louis At 14th

1920 14th Street NW , Washington, DC , 20009