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Curbed Cup Second Round: (7) Anacostia vs. (2) Logan Circle

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Greetings, Curbed voters! It's time for the second Curbed Cup matchup of the day. The winner of these two matches will compete tomorrow afternoon in the semifinals. Exciting, no? So, get your clicking fingers ready, this competition will be over in a mere 24 hours. Remember, this really neat trophy graphic and bragging rights are on the line here!

News of Anacostia's decided victory over Mt. Vernon Square and its status as 2012 champion should be sent to the French government! In other exciting news, Big Chair Cafe Bar & Grill (which had closed in October), did not stay closed for long and the Anacostia Arts Center can say hello to a new cafe, Nurish. The opening of the Anacostia Playhouse added a new hot spot to the arts scene. In case you still need some insight into Anacostia's growth and neighborhood culture, here's what D.C.'s teenagers discovered.

Logan Circle could hardly stay out of the news when it came to restaurant openings this year, so it's hardly a surprise that they beat Brightwood by a rather large margin. Doi Moi and Le Diplomate are just two of 14th Street's high profile openings with interminably long waits. Curbed readers have already deemed 14th and P Street NW the most desirable residential intersection in the city. It also ranked highly in terms D.C. neighborhoods searched on Trulia (4th) and carry out options (2nd).

This should be a good competition. May the neighborhood with the most exuberant voting contingent win!

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