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Curbed Cup Second Round: (1) Atlas District vs. (9) Navy Yard

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Welcome to the second round of the Curbed Cup! There are now only eight neighborhoods in the running for our prestigious fake trophy awesome trophy graphic! The rules have not changed in terms of voting; the polls will close in twenty-four hours! So, let's get to it.

Of course it's hard to talk about the top seeded Atlas District without mentioning the streetcar, which is finally doing test runs on H Street! The crowdfunding superstars (and Curbed Young Gun!) of Fundrise have successfully reached their fundraising goal on yet another H Street property and the first project funded with their help, Maketto, is projected to open this winter. Additionally, a Whole Foods has been announced and should you need a place to burn off the calories, there will soon be two CrossFit gyms within five blocks. Plus, 14th Street staples like Hunted House and Foundry are making their way down there as well.

The challenger, Navy Yard, garnered more votes than any other neighborhood featured in the first round. December has been an exciting month as their month long art installation, Art Yards, finished up and the temporary ice skating rink at Canal Park has opened. Additionally, Whole Foods also announced an upcoming location down here and the high profile Bluejacket just opened. Let's not forget that The Yards Park also won a 2013 Vision Award.

Start voting, everybody!

Poll results

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Canal Park

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