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Curbed Cup Second Round: (5) Dupont Circle vs. (4) NoMa

It's our next matchup in the excellent eight of the Curbed Cup. Look, "Elite" was taken. Bragging rights are on the line here, so you have 24 hours to place your votes for who goes onto our Final, Fantastic Fearsome! Four on Friday. Vote early and often.

Dupont Circle comes to the competition with its recent win over Waterfront, boasting the most expensive listing to hit D.C. in 2013. The $26 million Patterson Mansion is now under contract and its likely conversion to a boutique hotel could mean that the neighborhood has yet another essential hotel on their hands. Dupont Circle is not only the most frequent winner of the Real Estate Death Match bouts, but tends to top other lists that look at nationwide trends. So, will D.C.'s most walkable neighborhood move on to the next round?

NoMa also has at least one new hotel in the mix in its long list of construction projects. One exciting project has already been completed; the new location of NPR opened earlier this year. There are also both new murals and new sculptures brightening up the buildings and roadways. NoMa will soon host a 10-screen Landmark Theater and an elevated park in the complex going up at the old Greyhound Station site. Plus, it already has what may be the city's most musician-friendly amenity at Archstone First + M.

This should be a close match, so let's have at it! Get your votes in before 12:30 p.m. tomorrow.

Poll results

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Archstone First + M

1160 First Street NE, Washington, DC 20002

The Patterson Mansion

1645 31ST STREET NW, Washington, D.C.