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Here's Your Curbed Cup First Round Recap!

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The polls are closed, the votes are in and here's how the field of sixteen neighborhoods fared in the first round of the 2013 Curbed Cup. The top seeded Atlas District easily blew past Eckington and will face Navy Yard in the second round. Both Navy Yard and Shaw residents came out in record numbers to vote, so Atlas District by no means has it easy in the next round. Reigning champion Anacostia pulled out the win over construction-heavy Mt. Vernon Square, showcasing their #southeastlove. They'll face Logan Circle in the next round. Ground zero for hip restaurant openings had no problem knocking out Brightwood in what may have been Round One's biggest blow out. Recently profiled Brookland squeaked by 2011 champion Capitol Hill and they'll face U Street who pulled the upset over Georgetown. It actually wasn't even close. The NoMa vs. Columbia Heights matchup came with the most debate in the comments section but ultimately NoMa came out on top. They'll face Dupont Circle next week. Waterfront put up a good fight, especially late in the game. The voting will start again next week, so get your neighbors ready to click on those polls!
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