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What $1200 Per Month Can Rent You Around D.C.

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This week, Curbed Comparisons takes a more inexpensive route to see what's available around the city at $1200 per month. Thanks again to the folks at Zumper for fishing these out of the sea of rentals in D.C.

The Woodner in Mt. Pleasant has one of the more exciting amenity lists for this rental price: parking, a roof deck, a swimming pool, a fitness center. This 475 square foot studio is available at $1199 per month. Should you fear that's not enough space for all of your stuff, there is also storage available in the building.

↑ Most places that claim to be close to the metro are at best a twenty minute walk, but this two bedroom condo in Anacostia actually is a two block walk from the station. It's also the largest place you'll find for $1150 per month at just under 1100 square feet. The unit also boasts a balcony and a washer/dryer. Not bad.

↑ Moving northward, another place near a Green Line metro stop is available for $1130/month (plus $100 for utilities). Don't try to dupe the landlord into paying cheaper rent because the listing states clearly that only one person can live in this studio in Columbia Heights. That said, the apartment has only a kitchenette with hot plates.

↑ This two bedroom apartment in up-and-coming Trinidad may not look too exciting from the listing photos, but it's a 900 square foot unit available for $1195/month. It's not the size of the Anacostia apartment, but it's still a pretty large space.

↑ It actually is possible to get a studio in Van Ness at $1145/month but you'll be living in what must be one of the city's smallest studio apartments. What could make up for an apartment under 400 square feet? Archstone Connecticut Heights offers a swimming pool, a fitness center and a really nice courtyard.