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Curbed Cup First Round: (6) Georgetown vs. (11) U Street

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It's time for the second matchup today of the Curbed Cup! We're a little over halfway through the first round and our second match today should be a close one. Remember, you only have twenty-four hours to get your votes in so make sure you and all your neighbors get your votes in by tomorrow afternoon!

Georgetown has been in a slump, but they remain D.C.'s most searched neighborhood on Trulia. Nonetheless, they've come up with a great 15 year plan which includes a gondola, a metro station and an influx of new restaurants and stores. They've already planned to give D.C. their second bowling alley with Pinstripes. And of course, they've had no shortage of interesting homes hitting the market. The Williams-Addison House will be the most expensive listing in the city at $16.8 million and there was an opportunity to either buy or rent the home next to legendary reporter Bob Woodward. What's more, El Centro D.F. opened there this year. The opening of the Frye flagship store and a couple of pop-ups showed that Georgetown remains a retail juggernaut.

Meanwhile U Street has been busy this year as well. The progress of enormous Louis at 14th project has been exciting to watch, and the Atlantic Plumbing Building (a.k.a. the most disgusting wall in the city) has been knocked over so that a new artist-friendly housing project can go up next to the award-winning 9:30 Club. Also, District Flea made its debut on U Street and the opening of Mike Isabella's sandwich shop, G, was quite the success. After all, the Living Social CEO moved back to the neighborhood.

So which neighborhood is the most exciting? Vote now!

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Louis At 14th

1920 14th Street NW , Washington, DC , 20009