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Curbed Cup First Round: (2) Logan Circle vs. (15) Brightwood

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Here's today's second matchup for the 2013 Curbed Cup. Once again, we close the poll after twenty-four hours, so we're stressing the "early" part of the "Vote early and vote often" cliche. If you haven't seen your favorite neighborhood yet, relax, there are still two more days of simply introducing the competitors. In the mean time, let's get voting!

As voters, you've already shown your love for Logan Circle by designating 14th and P the most desirable residential intersection. It's also home to the first of several apartment complexes that wanted not only wanted to do away with the parking requirement, but include in the lease that its residents could not own cars. Moreover this has been a hot spot for new restaurants in 2013. Le Diplomate, Doi Moi and Iron Gate are all on the most recent iteration of the essential Eater Heatmap. Also, of note, retailer Redeem is popular enough now that they moved to a larger space.

This may be Brightwood's inaugural trip to the Curbed Cup, but they deserved the nod. After lots of Living Wage drama, they got a brand new Wal-Mart! It's one of the city's first two and the entrance showcases a thoughtful homage to the area's history. Also, a developer, Hines-Urban Atlantic, has been picked to revamp the Walter Reed site. Although the city's first Wegman's might be out of the picture, Whole Foods has voiced interest in the neighborhood.

You've been reading about both neighborhoods. Now start voting!

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