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Today In Huge Great Falls Homes, It's A Virtual Golf Room!

It's well-documented that many of the higher end homes in opulent Great Falls, VA resemble five star hotels or palaces more than homes where people could possibly reside on a regular basis. This $5.2 million estate on Seneca Road is certainly no exception. There's an abundance of chandeliers, an enormous welcoming atrium and lots of gorgeous details on everything from the ceilings to the dining room chairs. Things start to look a little weirder once you moved past the virtual golf room and in-home theatre. There's a wet bar for instance, that looks large enough to apply for its own liquor license. Moreover, there's actually a sign that says "Cheers" on the wall. Also, who's idea was it to put cheetah-print carpet down a back stairway? That's the sort of decision that happens when there's actually nothing left to do with all of your money. Check out the full gallery above.
· 423 Seneca Road [Estately]