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Curbed Cup First Round: (1) Atlas District vs. (16) Eckington

It's time to kick off 2013's Curbed Cup, the annual award for neighborhood of the year! After reviewing the year in neighborhood news and considering all of your nominations (most of which are represented), the Curbed DC team has decided on a field of sixteen sweet neighborhoods that will compete for this not-at-all-real trophy! This week, there will be two matchups each day and we'll recap the bracket in full on Friday. If you want to show your support for a neighborhood in any given match, do it posthaste! The voting for each pair closes after 24 hours. Ready? Let's start the competition!

It's impossible to mention the Atlas District without speaking of the streetcar which made its first appearance on H Street on Friday! Additionally, a Whole Foods has announced plans to set down roots and soon there will be two CrossFit gyms within two blocks of each other. Even the long-stalled Kendall Row rowhouses finally went on the market. Even retailers like Hunted House that had been skeptical of Northeast are making their way into the Atlas District.

Eckington's seeding this year is a little lower than it had been in 2012, but it gets into the tournament on sheer star power. For starters, there are shots of the neighborhood in the opening sequence to popular Netflix series House of Cards. Also, as this week marks the thirtieth anniversary of Joel Schumacher's cult masterpiece D.C. Cab, it's worth remembering that the cab company's headquarters was located in Eckington.

This first pairing is a rematch of the Atlas District vs. Eckington battle from Round One of last year. Will Eckington fare better in 2013 than they did in 2012, or will the top seeded Atlas District move forward? Place your votes!

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