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Curbed Cup First Round: (8) Shaw vs. (9) Navy Yard

The first day 2013's Curbed Cup, the annual award for neighborhood of the year is now underway! It may just be the first round, but the competition is already pretty stiff for the fake golden trophy. Just remember, if you have strong feelings about either of these neighborhoods moving forward, you only have 24 hours to vote. Let's begin!

There are a handful of active construction sites in Shaw, but the most talked about has to be the luxe City Market at O. Its Giant, the largest in the city just opened last month. It's also been a busy year for foodies in this neighborhood. The mayor opened three restaurants — Baby Wale, Thally and Mandalay — in the course of one hour back in September.

Navy Yard made international news for a very sad reason this fall, but thankfully, that's not been the only thing of note that's happened there this year. The Yards Park won the 2013 Vision Award and several artists found a way to turn a doomed building into a large art installation. Additionally, a Whole Foods will be coming to Navy Yard and the high profile Bluejacket opened there this year.

Who will win in this battle of Northwest vs. Southeast? Place your votes now!

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