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Name Revealed! The Swift Safeway Coming To Petworth

Wow, Curbed Readers, you are a prescient bunch! Two months ago when asked what the nickname should be of the new Petworth Safeway, the top choice was the Swift Safeway. Not only was this rumored to be the name of the new building, but it sounds both properly alliterative and kind of fun. Well, The Swift is going to be the name of the new building, so unless we're judging the Safeway by its clientele (in which case, Stroller Safeway may be more appropriate), looks like this is the Swift Safeway.

Here are a few more pieces of information about The Swift. In addition to a Safeway, the 285,000 square foot building will have 218 apartments, a fitness center, a social clubroom with a pool table and a "genius bar." In this case, they're referring to a row of communal iMacs, not their own service of knowledgeable geeks who can tell you why your MacBook Pro has a question mark over a file folder. (It means your hard drive is corrupted, by the way.) The Swift will be ready sometime in the middle of next year so get ready for the inevitable string of jokes about how many Grammys this building will win.
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