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Want to Live in a Super "Spiffy" Group House? Are You Sure?

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Yes, an ad for a "super spiffy group house" has appeared on Craigslist. Since nobody younger than your great-grandmother uses the word "spiffy," let's take a look at what it means in the context of this weirder-than-average Craigslist ad. It clearly doesn't refer to the room's paint job, which the poster has said is currently "a nasty color." So, perhaps it's the group dynamic, since the roommates themselves are also self-referentially "spiffy." They ask that the new (and presumably spiffy) roommate be 420 friendly (self-explanatory), but also 123 friendly and ABC friendly. So, this is either a group of very silly people, Sesame Street watchers or folks that just like loving text messages and liquor stores. But that's all assumption based on context clues. What we do know (based on the post) is that they're "sassy," "respectful-kinda," "funny looking" and "sometimes naked?" Also there's an "adorably nervous squirrel/fox/dog" on the ground floor, which is sort of disturbing.

Still the best part about these kinds of ads is and always will be the sentences where the poster describes what they're looking for in a potential roommate because it almost always clues into what they've dealt with in the past. So, the spiffy house will not tolerate any (more?) drug dealers, passive-aggressive types and deadbeats who don't clean the dishes or pick up their things. Furthermore, they want someone "down with shenanigans" who is "able to be prodded into getting off your ass and engaging in a spontaneous whole-house Nerf weapon fight." If you think you're spiffy enough, rent is $550 a month, utilities are $100 a month and move in is January 1st.
· $550 Room Available in Super Spiffy Group House Jan 1st (Brookland) [Craigslist]