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What $2200 Per Month Can Rent You Around D.C.

This week at Curbed Comparisons, a look at rentals across the city available at $2200 per month. Thanks to the folks at Zumper for digging these up.

↑ Man, Navy Yard is getting expensive! This 755 square foot one bedroom loft at Foundry Lofts is available for $2178/month but with one exception, the floor plans only get more exorbitant. Then again, the courtyard is a landscaped work of art in and of itself and their nearby ice rink is actually open.

↑ Luxurious, this is not. The bedrooms are not much bigger than the ones from your dorm room, the kitchen is minuscule and there's a dearth of natural light. Still, a two bedroom apartment in Truxton Circle is pretty enviable, especially upon the realization that this $2200 monthly rent could be split in half with a roommate.

↑ Although this is a one bedroom, it's an 800 square foot apartment and another case wherein the $2100 rent could potentially be divided between two renters. Here's the catch: whomever picks up the place will be subletting and thus, will only have the place until August. That said, it's a cat-friendly apartment downtown with awesome views.

Potomac Plaza Terraces was omitted from the list of rentable options near George Washington University, but graduate students take note: this 750 square foot one bedroom is $2200 per month and very close to the campus. Much of the furnishing is already available for you and a dishwasher is included in the kitchen. However, there's no in-unit washer/dryer so stock up on quarters.

Foundry Lofts

301 Tingey St SE, Washington, DC 20003

Potomac Plaza Terraces

730 24th St NW, Washington, DC 20037