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Calling All DJs: First + M Has Soundproof "Jamrooms"

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With apologies to City Market at O's Rooftop Dog Park, it's possible that D.C.'s most random amenity is already here. One of Archstone First & M's over-the-top amenities (of which there are several) is a soundproof jamroom for budding DJs. It may also be a perk for non-DJs, but let's be real, careerist rockers can't afford the $2000/month+ rent and live in group houses with the rest of their bandmates. Oh, there's sound isolation in the residential units themselves, but this jamroom has inspirational framed Rolling Stone covers (Britney! U2! Bruuuuuuce!) and a piano! So, enjoy jamming and mixing, DJs of First + M. The gallery above details some of the building's other intense amenities like a doggie salon and theater.
· Archstone First and M [Official Site]

Archstone First + M

1160 First Street NE, Washington, DC 20002