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Rent This Gigantic Great Falls Home For $10,000 Per Night!

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[All photos by Duane Talley of Metro Property Real Estate Photography]

Occasionally there are some wacky Airbnb proposals, but this one might be the most ludicrous. This 12,000 square foot, six bedroom manse is available for rent for the price of $10,000 per night. At that price, whoever's staying in Great Falls probably won't want to stay for more than one night. The ad states that the Great Falls home can accommodate 16 or more people, suggesting that this might be a great place to hold some sort of large event. After all, there are two grand pianos, and the one in the living room has a microphone standing by the fireplace. That's one expensive private concert. Their tagline is "The experience: feel of a castle with the comfort of home." Yeah, and the price tag of an exorbitant engagement ring/one year's rent money.
· River Bend Road Great Falls, VA 22066 [Metro Property Tours]
· 12,000 Ft2 Metropolitan Mansion [Airbnb]