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How Does This Capitol Hill "Party House" Compare?

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Advertising a home as a "party house" is often a realtor's ploy to get the late-night crowd with disposable income to spend their hard earned cash no matter how "party friendly" the place may be. That said, there's more than one type of party and as such, the party houses Curbed has run across in the past few months don't necessarily advertise to the same crowd. Let's see how this Capitol Hill party house compares to models from Barnaby Woods and Clarendon.

Capitol Hill Party House: First of all, this house is extraordinarily fancy. Everything from the artwork to the furniture choices to the large screen TV over the fireplace suggests a classy type of party. The brokerbabble highlights the large reception area, but there are also multiple wet bars and with 4 bedrooms, friends of the new owner of this $3 million home could stay the night if they've partied too hard.
Conclusion: Cocktail Party House

Clarendon Party House: Well, for starters, it kinda looks like a giant beer can. Also, the owners of the house rented out the rooms by advertising a flip-cup and cornhole friendly lawn and mentioning that it was stumbling distance from bars like Spider Kelly's and Clarendon Ballroom.
Conclusion: Post-collegiate Early-twenties Frat-tastic Party House

Barnaby Woods Party House: This one has already been deconstructed at length, but the biggest difference between this one and the previous two is that it is nowhere near any bars or really anything except for Rock Creek Park. So, considering there are multiple extra rooms, tons of space and a dedicated game room, anyone here for a party is here for the long haul.
Conclusion: Long Weekend Party House
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