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What We Learned About D.C. From Latest Walk Score® Ranking

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First off, according to the latest Walk Score® Ranking of most walkable cities and neighborhoods, D.C. comes in number seven in the country! Ranking ahead of the District are New York, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and Miami (yes, really). Neighboring Baltimore rounds out the top 10.

This study also puts the microscope on 125 D.C. neighborhoods. That's compartmentalization to the max! In addition to being the best neighborhood to sit on one's lazy bum and order in Chinese food, Dupont Circle is also the best neighborhood for walking it all off, with a Walk Score® of 97. Chinatown, the U Street Corridor and Downtown also have that extraordinarily high score. Two neighborhoods bordering Rock Creek Park — Barnaby Woods and Hawthorne — have the lowest scores of the D.C. neighborhoods. The cool heatmap above demonstrates that quite well.

Additionally, this ranking gives a vague idea of neighborhood density since it calculates the population in each neighborhood. So, while Capitol Hill may cover more ground than, say, Swampoodle (which usually just gets lumped in with NoMa), it also dwarves every other nabe in population with 28,891 residents. The neighborhood with the least amount of people? Apparently, it's Tenleytown with a population of 500 people. Who knew?
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