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Whole Foods President Shows Interest in a Walter Reed Spot

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With two announced locations in the past two weeks, Whole Foods seems particularly unstoppable here in the District. In fact, the H Street opening might not be the last one they announce! With a Wegmans at The Parks at Walter Reed all but wishful thinking since their partner Roadside did not get the development bid, Whole Foods has stepped in and expressed interest.

"We are interested in being a part of that development, absolutely," says Scott Allhouse, Whole Foods President of the Mid-Atlantic Region. Allhouse says that they have an existing relationship with Weingarten Realty Investors, whom developer Hines-Urban Atlantic has put in charge of the retail component of the Walter Reed site. "We've spoken to them and let them know of our interest."

In the meantime, Allhouse is excited about opening new stores in the Navy Yard and H Street neighborhoods. "I think we complement them and that they complement us," he says. He points out that like chameleons, Whole Foods can do a good job of blending into any neighborhood and says that both stores plan to hire team members from the surrounding neighborhoods.
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