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Chosen! Hines-Urban Atlantic Will Develop Walter Reed Site

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An aerial view of The Parks at Walter Reed
An aerial view of The Parks at Walter Reed

It's decided: the partnership of Hines and Urban Atlantic will redevelop the Walter Reed site. This team was the first to survey the public about what they wanted for the large space and due to survey results, they included recreational spaces like an ice rink and an amphitheater as a part of their overall plan. They're even calling their green space-rich new development "The Parks at Walter Reed." There is one big disappointment, though. While the original renderings show a Wegmans at the center of the project, the sought-after grocer had partnered exclusively with Roadside, one of the other development teams in the final three. As such, their appearance at Walter Reed will be unlikely. However, Brightwood residents can definitely anticipate a science center, a hotel and senior living even though it's not clear which retailers will arrive in Wegmans' stead.
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