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Trumps Can't Turn Old Post Office Into Trashy Beach-y Strip

The Trumps sure must be disappointed that they aren't allowed to bring on topless cabarets, adult video stores and tattoo parlors as tenants for their new Trump Hotel at the Old Post Office. These are just three types of retail that the General Service Administration has barred the Trumps from taking on as tenants in their lease agreement, but given Trump's documented opinions on tattoos, that must have been a concern. Some of the other banned tenants outlined in the GSA's leasing document are layaway discount jewelers, escort services, dollar stores, bait shops and pawn shops. Is the GSA concerned that the Trumps will turn the Old Post Office into the strip at Myrtle Beach? Perhaps it might be worth looking at a list of some of the high end designers and jewelers with whom Trump currently partners.
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