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D.C. May Get a Museum of Science Fiction!

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Calling all fans of The National Air and Space Museum, Carl Sagan and Comic-Con: there might be a museum coming soon just for you. The Museum of Science Fiction has announced a crowdfunding plan so that they can organize a pop-up 3000 square foot preview museum next year which they hope will lead to a full-scale museum by 2017. Their goal: $160K in the next 38 days. An exact location in D.C. has not yet been decided for the full-scale museum. Even in its pop-up format, the Museum of Science Fiction plans to hold lectures, book signings and film screenings. Everything from literature to video games within the oeuvre of science fiction will be represented if their introductory video (after the jump) is any indication. And to answer the true burning question: yes there will be props from Star Trek available for your viewing pleasure. Renderings and floor plans of the preview space can be found in the gallery above.

· Museum of Science Fiction: Preview Location [IndieGoGo]
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