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Where the Upperclassmen Live: George Washington University

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A large percentage of D.C.'s population is comprised of college students. While many live in the bubble of their universities for at least the first two years, they often join the rental hunt like everyone else upon reaching upperclassmen status. Now that you've seen the options near American University, here's a look at some of the Foggy Bottom options that are popular amongst George Washington University students.

The Savoy:

Efficiencies at The Savoy start at $1,650/month which is pricier than the least expensive option near American, but still less than the average rent in D.C. Probably best to stay away from the two bedroom with roommates if you're on a budget, as those start at $4400/month. It's also likely to house students from neighboring Georgetown, so a little cross-town rivalry can exist within the same apartment building! While the rooms look fairly plain and basic, the building also contains a rooftop pool, which, no matter what your RA may say, your dorm does not.

Claridge House:

This is a similarly priced co-op building ($1,600/month for an efficiency) that boasts many of the same amenities as the Savoy. In addition to its own rooftop pool, the rooms are already equipped with Wi-Fi which is important for those research projects. Like the Savoy, it also has its own fitness center for those times when the research projects need to be briefly shelved.

The Statesman:

The price at the Statesman is comparable ($1665/month) for an efficiency but should you wish to park yourself on a futon, the website seems to suggest that two people could live in a one bedroom and pay upwards of $2513/month. They actually don't offer anything larger. Like the Savoy, the fitness center here is open 24 hours, so that "I need a break from studying" workout can happen at 3:00 a.m. if you're so inclined. Plus, the rooms have a walk-in closet!

The Winston House:

This is one that may only work for the ambitious or independently wealthy (or if the management is offering a deal) since the Hatchet states that one bedroom rates start at $2200/month and up for one bedroom apartments. Then again, this is a more luxurious offering a gourmet cafe, nail salon and blow out bar in the building over and above having a balcony in the room.
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