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Where The Upperclassmen Live: American University

D.C. may be boomtown, but it's also a college town. The American Institute for Economic Research's College Destinations Index ranked the Washington area the #3 college destination among large metro areas (behind New York and Boston, respectively.) That's hardly a surprise considering that D.C. proper is home to seven universities (with a few other large ones in the close-in suburbs). Still, it's entirely possible that if you don't frequent a frat-friendly bar or work at an intern-loving company, you may never see this large percentage of the D.C. population. That is, you might not see them unless they're your neighbors. Although it's a popular (and often cheaper) move amongst upperclassmen to rent out a nearby house with 5 other friends, there are a handful of student-friendly apartment buildings near some of the universities as well. Here's a closer look at available apartment options within one and a half miles of American University. Take note, underclassmen, or hit up our tipline if we've missed anything.

The Berkshire Apartment Homes:

If you don't live on nearby Porter or Yuma Street, this Massachusetts Avenue complex is probably the most popular (and closest) option near campus. The furnishings and carpet are sturdy yet colorful and look like they could take a few wine spills. Plus, with studios starting at $1100/month (at least during the Manager's Special!), it's more affordable than most buildings in the city, so you can expend your energy stressing out over finals instead of how to pay the rent.

Avalon at Foxhall:

Although this building is a mere block away from the Berkshires, rent here starts at $1915 for a studio. Then again, it's definitely got more luxurious digs like a rooftop barbecue and swimming pool. This is probably a more likely bet for graduate students, the independently wealthy or those enterprising students who got a start-up company off the ground during their sophomore year.

Cathedral Court:

This is definitely an option that works better with a roommate as a two bedroom starting at $2365/month is a far better deal than a one bedroom starting at $1691/month (although they have efficiencies as well.) It's closer to the Cathedral than the University, but close enough so that a browser search for the building will bring up the phrase "apartments close to AU" in the text that follows.

The Chesapeake:

This building is closer to Cleveland Park than Spring Valley, but the ride down the Red Line might be worthwhile considering some of the prices. A two bedroom starts at $2100/month, which makes for a pretty ideal roommate situation and even the studios are pretty reasonable at $1300/month.
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American University

4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20016 202 885 1000

Cathedral Court Condominiums Bldg 3010

3010 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016