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Here's a Sneak Peak at City Market at O's New Giant!

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[All photos by Gerry Suchy]

"I've been with Giant for 35 years and on a scale from 1 to 10, this store is a 12."

District Director hasn't just been with Giant for 35 years, both he and store manager George Ross were at the City Market at O grocer back when it was still referred to as the P Street Giant. As such, he is able to give a good idea of what (besides the referential cross street) has changed.

It's true that this location has perks that the city's other (smaller) Giants don't. This location boasts amenities like a sushi bar, an adjoining bar where people can order fresh sandwiches or pizzas and the highly touted cafe. However, this location can also brag about its basic upgrades like the security system for their shopping carts (put in a quarter to use one, get it back once you leave) and even the fact that there's finally enough space to house its full-sized turkeys and chickens.

In fact, a dearth of food at this location would be a bigger surprise than not finding your food option of choice. Need wine? They have 1400 kinds. Need cheese to go with that wine? Visit the largest cheese island in the city! Need advice on seafood? There's a full service seafood section!

Even with all of these new perks, the sense of history isn't lost. The brick work has been reused. Some of the original steel hangs from beams on the ceiling. There's an original door from the building on the second floor cafe that overlooks everything. There are old fashioned looking streetlamps in the middle of the store.

Want to see it all? There's actually a soft opening this afternoon before tonight's 6:00 p.m. ribbon cutting and tomorrow's 6:00 a.m. opening. In the meantime, enjoy the gallery!