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Apparently the D.C. Area's Hipsters Rent in Del Ray & Ballston

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"Hipster" is one of those generally meaningless and often derogatory terms since no one will admit to being a hipster and it's hard to put together any useful criteria describing this loose collective of ironic, coffee-drinking, millennial pop culture addicts. But like obscenity, people tend to know hipsters when they see them and could probably point to several D.C. neighborhoods as being particularly hipster friendly. Except that apparently, they'd be wrong if they said Petworth, Logan Circle, H Street NE or Columbia Heights. Because according to RealtyTrac, the four of the country's 25 most hipster-friendly 'hoods in the D.C. area are actually in Maryland and Virginia. No D.C. nabes to be found.

What criteria was RealtyTrac using exactly? According to this list, a hipster neighborhood is one in which where over 20% of the population is between the ages of 25-34. Additionally, in hipster neighborhoods, over 20% of the people commute by walking or public transit. Finally, in these neighborhoods over 50% of residents rent and there's a very low vacancy rate. Yet, of the local zip codes they found that meet this criteria: one is in Downtown Silver Spring, one is in Alexandria's Del Ray neighborhood and two of them are in the Ballston area of Arlington. Like any self-respecting hipster would put high value on living near Ballston Mall.
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Ballston Common Mall

4238 Wilson Boulevard, , VA 22203 (703) 243-8088 Visit Website