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Gain a Room Near the Zoo and Lose a Real Sense of Privacy

If there is anything in the city that is universally loved by its citizens it is the National Zoo. So who wouldn't want to wake up every morning and "have coffee with the lions"? Well for $700 you can rent a room in a Mount Pleasant row house that "overlooks the zoo." You can "hear the monkeys" and the "lion's roar" while enjoying football, "a table that could host the Last Supper" and "impromptu 90's Dance parties." Just make sure you aren't too private of a person. Like many makeshift group houses in the city, your room has no door. That's right, you have the zoo but instead of a door a "thick curtain." The post has no pics of the actual room, but the common areas of the house do look pretty nice.
· Live With Cool People And Have Coffee With the Lions [Craigslist]
Rohan Mahadevan

National Zoological Park

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