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This Crystal City Poster Must Be M.A.D.D.

The D.C. area is really expensive so you have to hand it to people wanting to live in a Crystal City, VA high-rise apartment to stretch every space available. A couple is looking for a "third" roommate to share a "reduced price" apartment for $910. While it is a hop skip and a jump away from D.C. the poster is responsible because although they "aren't your parents," they "don't want people drinking and driving." While most CList postings are outrageous for other reasons this may be the most reasonable request ever. For $910 a month you get a room with some swell amenities, but make sure you "smoke outside" and you aren't a "sketch ball," also DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!
· $910 / 1730ft² - Looking for a great 3rd roommate [Craigslist]
Rohan Mahadevan