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Live in a Chinatown Penthouse For $1, But There's a Catch

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This poster has a "unique" offer but it sounds more like a sketchy and possibly illegal offer. This man is looking, ideally for a straight or bisexual man with a girlfriend to be his naked roommate, although he said he'll accept a gay man if it comes to that. Nude houses show up on Craigslist from time to time, but usually those involve normal rent payments. Those who weren't already creeped out by the stipulation "$1/month rent to make lease legal" might be by the end of the listing. "You should be 26 or younger and very attractive. Arraignment would be mostly "looking" but some "touching" will be required (how much/often is negotiable)." Holy crap. This listing went up maybe 20 minutes ago. Bets on how long it will take before it comes down?
· $1 / 1720ft² - Penthouse - Unique Offer (Chinatown) [Craigslist]