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D.C.'s Architecturally Interesting Apartment Buildings

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D.C. isn't necessarily known for its progressive adventurous spirit but sometimes there are some surprising new projects that don't follow the usual makeup of brick, metal and glass. What's more, some of the most prestigious architecture of yore comes in the form of D.C.'s historic apartment buildings. The art deco of the Kennedy-Warren is impressive, the Cairo is one of the tallest buildings in the city, and the Watergate isn't just a scandal-ridden building, but a desirable address with a unique circular shape. That's wherein we've compiled this gallery of most architecturally impressive apartment buildings where it's actually possible to rent. That last part involving the rental units is key and it's why you don't see The Lacey or our favorite eyesore Urban 8 on here. Did we miss something? Hit up our tipline and let us know! We will gladly add it!
· Watergate Complex [Wikipedia]
· Kennedy-Warren Apartment Building [Wikipedia]
· The Cairo [Wikipedia]
· Bigger Units, Brighter Colors At Bailey Park DC [CDC]

The Watergate Hotel

2650 Virginia Avenue Northwest, , DC 20037 Visit Website

Kennedy-Warren Apartments

3133 Connecticut Avenue, Washington, DC 20008

The Cairo

1615 Q Street NW, Washington D.C.,