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Which Rad 2 BR Rental Is Worth the $2,900 Per Month?

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Welcome to a special Renters Week Version of Real Estate Death Match! Last week's bout was a runaway victory for the Mt. Pleasant unit. It wasn't even close one for the poor Takoma condo. For Renters Week, we've pitted an apartment in a nightlife hotspot against one with slightly quieter surroundings. It's time for Real Estate Death Match: Adams Morgan vs. McLean Gardens Edition!

Address: 2307 18th Street NW #3
Price: $2,900/month
Square Feet: 965
Beds, Baths: 2/2

This Adams Morgan 2 bedroom is a little smaller than its lofty competitor, but the location is just as integral to this fight. Furthermore, if you really don't want to hear the Jumbo Slice-hungry denizens of Friday night, you don't have to! The windows have built-in noise reduction. Also, this apartment will be available more quickly — on New Year's Day, to be exact.

Address: 3861 Newark Street NW #468
Price: $2,900/month
Square Feet: 1,175
Beds, Baths: 2/1

McLean Gardens is a little quieter than Adams Morgan but this loft is a larger space. What's more, the mounted LED TV is included in the rent. Also, the building is pet-friendly, so neither dogs nor cats will be an issue. You've got to wait a little bit longer for this one though. Move-in date is at the beginning of February.

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