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The Five Most Expensive Rentals Available in Washington D.C.

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Today for Renters Week, we honor the bafflingly exorbitant rentals. Here are the head scratchers that make us say, "Why not just buy a place with that money?" These are the multi-level penthouses with entirely too much space and the houses that are on the rental market in their entirety. These are the top five expensive rental listings currently on the market in Washington, D.C. If you know of something that we missed, do tell us.

Address: 3329 Prospect Street NW #7
Rent: $20,000/month
Square Feet: 5,000
Bed/Bath: 4/4.5

This duplex penthouse at the converted Wormley school condos at Wormley Row is by far the costliest rental available in the city. It's kind of mind-blowing that this is a rental with its two car garage. Yet, here it is.

Address: 1322 Vermont Avenue NW
Rent: $14,000/month
Square Feet: 9,880
Bed/Bath: 9/4.5

Yes, this entire nine bedroom, four level home in Logan Circle, complete with three parking spaces is on the market. Yes, there are multiple chandeliers in the living and dining areas. Yes, the beds are utterly dwarfed by both the fireplaces and the size of the room. Why do you ask?

Address: 3265 N Street NW
Rent: $13,900/month
Square Feet: 5,027
Bed/Bath: 3/4.5

Renting out this Georgetown home seems like a very intimidating prospect. For one thing, the furniture looks like it actually belongs to some absent duke or duchess. They're relics. On the other hand, there's a large television built into the wooden-paneled master bathroom.

Address: 2812 P Street NW
Rent: $13,000/month
Square Feet: 4,100
Bed/Bath: 6/5.5

This is another intimidating rental because all of the furniture in this large Georgetown house is white. All of it. It seems like it might simply get dirty if one were to breathe on it incorrectly after eating spicy food. Hopefully, the rent money will hold out long enough to make use of that backyard swimming pool.

Address: 2202 Wyoming Avenue NW
Rent: $11,000/month
Square Feet: 4,690
Bed/Bath: 4/7

You'll have to take the posting on its word that this Kalorama townhome has a wood-paneled library and awesome spaces to entertain guests. This is the only listing photo. Except for that pricetag, now it's starting to feel more like a Craigslist rental experience!

Wormley Row

3325 - 3329 Prospect Street, Washington, DC 20007