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What $1800 Per Month Can Rent You Around D.C.

One of the more recent assessments of the cost of living in the Washington area (from Rent Jungle) puts the average rent at just over $1800 per month. As such, this edition of Curbed Comparisons peeps what the "average" renter can afford in the District.

↑ This 712 square foot one bedroom at Manor Park Apartments is a pleasant offering with a spacious living room, a built-in washer-dryer and an adorable kitty with adorable demon-kitty eyes. It's also a brief walk from the Takoma Metro Station which could be a blessing or a curse, depending on your opinion of the Red Line.

↑ Who likes bright yellow walls?! In addition to a sunny interior design, this 973 square foot three bedroom apartment has a fireplace and a small private balcony. Also, it's in the gated community at Buena Vista Apartments. On the minus side, Google Maps puts this walk to the Anacostia Metro Station advertised in the all-caps brokerbabble at 15-20 minutes depending on the route. Walkable living, that is not.

↑ Actually, this price is enough to rent a place near the Verizon Center! That place is a 600 square foot studio, but it's in the Lafayette which has amenities like two fitness centers and a movie theater. The studio itself is pretty well-equipped with its in-unit washer/dryer and private balcony. However, if you want to park your car, that will cost $250 per month. Ouch.

↑ The top floor one bedroom apartment in Petworth (which actually rents at $1700/month) is a small 540 square feet, but when life gives you lemons, you can place those lemons in the middle of the kitchen table! Plus, there's a reserved parking space even though the building, The Gryphon, is only a few blocks from the metro.

The Gryphon

1337 Connecticut Avenue, Washington, DC 20036 703-509-4444