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Might There Be A Compromise on the Height Act?

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Taller buildings may come to D.C. after all. Although the differing opinions between the National Capital Planning Commission and D.C. Office of Planning may have looked like it would lead to a Height Act stalemate, someone was going to have to compromise eventually. That "someone" was the National Capital Planning Commission whose final recommendations look a little different from the initial "leave it as it is" position. Before this move starts to look symbolic of peace in our time, there are a few caveats. The first is that they're only okay with taller buildings outside of L'Enfant City (so, north of Florida Avenue and south of the Anacostia). The second is that any building seeking said height changes needs the approval of both the NCPC and Congress. This seems like the equivalent of telling a pre-teen that they can go out at night, but only before a certain hour and only to certain places. Still, it's closer to compromise. Do you think the Office of Planning will agree with this new recommendation?
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