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"Worst Apartment Building In Washington DC" Has Been Bought

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Capitol Park Towers is a rent-controlled apartment building with a pool near the Smithsonian, but if the Yelp reviews are any indication, the positive attributes end there. One reviewer asks if it's "The worst apartment building in Washington, DC?" Another calls the bathroom tiles a "skeevy shade of yellow." A third starts their review with "BEDBUGS, BURGLARY and BURDENS." Every single reviewer complains about the competence of the staff and the cleanliness issues. As such, the news that Urban Investment Partners, PRP and Perseus Realty have acquired the building can only be good, right? Their promise is to provide improvements while maintaining a rent-controlled facility. Have any horror stories from this building? Do you think another building has a better claim to "Worst Apartment Building in Washington D.C."? Send it to our tipline.
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