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Hey Anacostia, No French Tourists For You!

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Much like our own State Department, the French government has a list of travel warnings for their citizens planning to visit various U.S. cities. Of course, their warning about D.C. looks like it was written no later than 2005: "Northeast and Southeast should be avoided, and Union Station is dangerous at night. 'Le quartier Anacostia n'est pas recommandable de jour comme de nuit.' Translation: Don't go to Anacostia, day or night." That's quite a dated recommendation. As such, there are six relatively recent articles from our archives compiled after the jump that the French government should probably read about development in the eastern quadrants of the city.

1) A Photo Roundup of Investigating Where We Live: Anacostia — Let's start out with the Babar in the room and go straight to this piece about an exhibit that local teens put together about Anacostia. This exhibit that ran for nearly a year at the National Building Museum is no longer live, but the photos that they took of the neighborhood and their impressions thereof live on. Key line from the article: "...the exhibit's focus on Change, Diversity and Community showed the artistic and family-oriented sides of a community where many D.C. residents fear to tread."

2) Brookland: Not So Much Booming As Quietly Trending — Yesterday's neighborhood profile notes that the Northeast nabe has become a destination and a new hot real estate market. Key line from the article: "Everything from bars owned by the people behind The Pug and Meridian Pint to pizza place Menomale which charmed Eater DC readers earlier this summer is making its way into the neighborhood."

3) Can Monroe Street Market Make an Arts Hub out of Brookland? — Remaining in Brookland, this piece takes a look at some of the high end events that this new luxury condo building and artist haven brings to the already thriving Brookland arts scene. Key line from the article: "...could Monroe Street Market further establish Brookland as an artist hub? One might say, Brookland already is one."

4) Mapping The 10 Least Expensive Properties In The Atlas District — Because H Street is such a booming neighborhood that a house asking the low price of $460K isn't the norm, it's news. Oh right, and a Whole Foods is coming. Key line from the article: "But if inventory remains a problem and prices continue to climb north of $1M, then young adults in skinny jeans and extra large glasses could give way to the yuppier set with Range Rovers and retirement accounts."

5) Movies for Everyone! A Theatre Coming To Union Market — The nabe that's the current home of National Public Radio, Sirus/XM and a rash of construction sites in between is about to have a Hyatt, an elevated park and not one, but two new movie theatres. That's five articles the French government should peep about NoMa alone. Key line from the article: "So basically, now Northeast residents will be able to enjoy artisinal cheese and foreign films in an area that three years earlier had housed overgrown grass and abandoned buildings."

6) Properties Where Its Possible To Catch A Bryce Harper Homer — Capitol Riverfront not only has a Whole Foods coming, an award winning park and a popular baseball stadium are already there and a bunch of new (and expensive) projects surrounding both are surely in the future. Stay tuned. Key line from the article: "The Navy Yard is booming and major developments are in the pipeline as the SE/SW nabe comes to life even when a game isn't happening."
· 16 American cities foreign governments warn their citizens about [WaPo]

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