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Top Five Fun (And Intense) Facts About Sky House

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[All photos by Gerry Suchy]

The residents of Sky House East building are going to have quite the setup once people can start moving in on December 2nd. They'll have an electronic key to their apartment...not just their building. There will be an LED board by the elevator telling them both when the metro trains are coming to the Waterfront station and when there's a package that's arrived for one of the residents. The entire communal area will be filled with art ranging from blown glass light fixtures to vases on the walls. That's not even half of the new and different features for the people paying the $2000+ per month to live in this renovated building. Check out five of the most interesting amenities after the jump.

1) The views are insane. Yes, being close to the Waterfront offers exceptionally beautiful views of the Potomac, but it's actually possible to see as far away as Tysons. And come summertime, that vantage point can come from the comfort of a rooftop pool.

2) The parking spaces are shared. Under the assumption that the people living in Southwest will have a reverse commute, the 140 spots for which Sky House is licensed will be shared with the office workers coming in for the day. This is a great idea in theory and it's likely that the residents of this Metro-accessible building won't even need that many parking spaces. Otherwise, that plan could go wrong very quickly.

3) The building will eventually have its own personal trainer on staff. Take that, other buildings with fitness centers!

4) The kitchen islands have wheels underneath and can move around the room. So, don't find that out the hard way by leaning against them.

5) Some floors have higher ceilings than others. All of the floors have floor to ceiling windows (some of which slide open) but the third and the twelfth floors actually eclipse the ceiling height of the other floors with their twelve foot ceilings by two and a half feet. Ah, the quirks of living in a renovated building from the 1970s!
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Sky House

4th and M Streets SW, Washington, DC