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"A Place For Mom" Takes Another Crack At Craigslist Success

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The poster living in this house on Rhode Island Avenue must not have had any luck finding a roommate back in August because their house with rather, um, distinctive furnishings is back on Craigslist. They've actually done a much better job of selling the advantages of the neighborhood this time around, focusing on the ease of parking, the proximity to the metro, the feeling of overall safety and the friendliness of the neighbors. That's definitely an improvement over pooh-poohing all of the fun stuff that you could be doing if you lived anywhere else. The catch is that this person is not looking for anyone with much in the way of furniture since they already have their own. Of course, the current furniture consists of an "antique, cottage bedroom set," plus curtains and dining room table that looked like they were inherited from sweet great-aunt Gertrude. Is this 30-something professional afraid that new furniture might give the place an updated look? What a terrible thing that would be! Of course, they are seeking a "mature" roommate, so perhaps someone in their 80s would appreciate the look. Rent is $850 a month plus utilities.
· $850 / 1425ft² - 850 Large, Gorgeous Room in Mature, NON-Group House (NE / Rhode Island Ave.) [Craigslist]
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