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Which 2BR Apartment Under $306K is a Bigger Steal?

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Welcome to this week's Real Estate Death Match! In last week's bout, the one bedroom condo in Capitol Hill East slid by its Adams Morgan competitor to victory. This week, we're making things a little more interesting. We're going for larger two bedroom apartments, but we're dropping the price so that it's near the $300K mark. Who is the leanest, meanest, fighting condo? Take your pick on Real Estate Death Match: Takoma vs. Mt. Pleasant Edition!

? Address: 921 Butternut Street NW #102
Price: $305,900
Square Feet: 869
Beds, Baths: 2/2 This two bedroom in Takoma may be a little smaller, but that's initially hard to tell thanks to the cool aerial listing photos! This is in the sweet spot between the Takoma Metro and the Walter Reed development which will both be a lot more active in the next few years. Also, the building is very tech-friendly with keyless entry and the ability to remotely check in on your place via smartphone.

? Address: 3220 17th Street NW #307
Price: $275,500
Square Feet: 944
Beds, Baths: 2/2

This spot at the Argyle has a lower price for more space, but it looks like the seller is intentionally low-balling. Whoever buys this condo will be the highest bidder in an auction. This could go up on account of its fireplace, bay windows in the master bedroom and building roofdeck. That said, the yellow and teal color scheme in the kitchen/living room leaves a bit to be desired in terms of aesthetic.

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