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The Greatest Hits of "NoMa Traffic Disaster" Tumblr

[All photos by Matt Stiles]

It's been established that NoMa is quite the construction zone right now. However, this is the most poignantly hilarious (and painful) of how traffic has been affected due to all the cranes. Matt Stiles (who works at the NPR building located near all this mess) started this Tumblr (not affiliated with NPR) to provide a visual representation of the chaos. Admittedly, some of this just looks like drivers making poor decisions, like the ones ignoring a Do Not Enter sign because it used to be a two way street. That said, there are also a lot of shots of drivers fending the confusion for themselves or failing to navigate the maze of orange cones and closed streets. Here's a gallery of the most cringeworthy photos provided by this two week old blog.
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