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For Rent: A Room in a Hippie, DIY House Called "ThuG Man$ioN"

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Apparently, living in the ThuG Man$ion in Petworth does not just require graduating with honors from the Ke$ha School of Spelling. Whoever takes one of the two open rooms also needs to attend monthly house meetings, share in the chores and "keep things drama free." The residents clearly have an interest in creativity as there are 15 murals and an in-house art studio within the walls. The blurry listing pictures might suggest that this artistic predilection does not extend to photography, but there are a few gems amongst the 124 photos of their organic garden. That's right, the ThuG Man$ion has its own Facebook page because of course it does. How else would the rest of the city find out about their parties and upcoming creative escapades? If you're 420 and Couchsurfing tolerant this might be calling your name. The smaller room is going for $500/month, the larger room for $600/month and utilities are $75.
· $500 / 2400ft² - diy creative homestead seeks newbie(s) (petworth) [Craigslist]
· Petworth Thug Mansion [Facebook]