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Cocktail Week 2013; New José Andrés Restaurant

This week's top dish from Eater DC, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

COCKTAIL WEEK 2013— It's Cocktail Week on Eater, so expect a lot of drinks-related coverage, like this map of new cocktail bars to try.

COCKTAIL WEEK 2013Hangover Power Hour meant articles on great hangover foods, hangover cures from trusted bartenders, goofy polls and more.

PENN QUARTER José Andrés is at it again. China Chilcano will serve up Peruvian China fusion, just steps away from Jaleo and Oyamel.

HALLOWEEN WIRE— Here are a bunch of restaurant industry workers in costume.

DUPONT CIRCLEFirefly has a cool new cocktail menu.

ONE YEAR INHear what the Green Hat guys have to say about gin.

LOGAN CIRCLEEater Scenes: Black Jack on a Thursday night.

COCKTAIL WEEK— Two of Range's bartenders go head to head on the Fernet Branca craze.

EATER MAPSThis is where bartenders drink.

NAVY YARD— Stop the presses — Bluejacket is officially open.

K STREET— Learn about one of Off The Record's old school bartenders.

COCKTAIL WEEK Check out these wacky drink names.

COCKTAIL WEEKKnow your shochu from your soju.

FAIRFAX— Mosaic has two new additions: Cyclone Anaya's, and, still to come, Ted's Bulletin.

COCKTAIL WEEK— Here's what some D.C. notables outside the industry drink.