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New Plans for McMillan Sand Filtration Site Move Forward

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Over fifty percent of voting Curbed readers thought the new renderings for the project at the McMillan Sand Filtration Site that developer Vision McMillan Partners (VMP) put forth was a dramatic improvement over their previous offering. The Historic Preservation Review Board is with you, readers! After sending VMP back to the drawing board, they've finally given their approval for this new plan. The Historic Preservation Office states that the new renderings are, "Dramatically improved, reflecting the high level of quality, cohesiveness and distinctiveness that have been sought by the Board." This is only one approval of many that the project needs, but it's a definite step forward. Members of VMP will provide an open house at St. George's Episcopal Church on Saturday, November 16th in order to provide more information on the building details. Until then, here's a video with more fleshed out and colorful versions of the renderings shown above.
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Mcmillan Sand Filtration Site

North Capitol Street and Michigan Avenue, Washington D.C.,