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Which Home Has the Better Backyard?

Finding a good backyard can feel like the finding Holy Graille when it comes to city living. Their very existence is a rarity outside of the suburbs and sometimes these "backyards" are really overgrown blocks of concrete or asphalt. So, to see two great backyards show up in D.C. listings within two days of each other is so exciting, both had to be shown off and then immediately pitted against each other. In terms of the rest of the property, they are in no way created equal. The U Street home (the backyard on the left) is a little smaller and almost half the price of the Georgetown home (the backyard on the right), so just focus on the backyards here.

The U Street yard is greener: it has plants and grass around the edges. Plus, the sectional under the umbrella and the dart board give it a homey touch. It also appears to get shade from neighboring trees despite having none of in the yard. The Georgetown backyard only has one tree in a corner and a sculpture and flower bed in the adjacent corner. That said, it looks larger than the U Street yard. That might just be a function of not having furniture (besides a grill) but the design on the wooden ground is classy and cool. So which backyard is your favorite? Take our poll after the jump and check out galleries and details of the houses in full.

? Address: 1916 9th Street NW
Price: $579,500
Square Feet: 1,112
Bed/Bath: 2/3

? Address: 2905 Olive Street NW
Price: $1,295,000
Square Feet: 1,632
Bed/Bath: 3/3

Poll results

· 1916 9th Street NW [Estately]
· 2905 Olive Street NW [Estately]