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So, Kendall Row is Apparently D.C.'s Biggest Train Wreck

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No wonder nothing appeared upon doing a search for "Kendall Row." That's only been the name of the project for a short time. However, upon researching the project under its previous name, "Capitol Hill Oasis," there's a wealth of information pointing to this project that just can't seem to finish.

The short story is that in 2007 assembly started on these prefabricated row houses. During the initial excavation process, the construction team dug too close to Jimmy's Tire, collapsing their back wall. The repair thereof caused the tire shop to go up in flames (literally). Construction completed the following year but no one ever moved in. In 2010, around the time the developers started to announce a Phase II in the nearby alleyway, the property was foreclosed and put on the auction block.

There is a possible light at the end of the tunnel. As of 2012, Premier Bank, the bank that took ownership of the whole project stated that they'd finish it and one Kendall Row neighbor commented to say that they have seen construction workers on site recently. Thanks for all the tipsters for your input and stay tuned to this space as we continue to seek out the latest information.
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