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Is Third Church of Christ, Scientist Really the Ugliest In D.C.?

Curbed found out earlier this morning that the asbestos-ridden Third Church of Christ, Scientist will finally meet its demise. Now, time to debate whether it's really the ugliest church in D.C., as Washington Business Journal's Michael Neibauer claims. Admittedly, Brutalist architecture is easy to attack in terms of aesthetics (see also: the J. Edgar Hoover Building) and the church is seriously out of place in the sea of tall-ish glass office buildings. Also, the fight to tear down the building has raged on for over two decades. Still, is it the ugliest church in D.C.? You tell us. Take our poll after the jump and send your own photos of grimace-inducing churches to our tipline. UPDATE: The opinion that Third Church of Christ, Scientist is the ugliest in D.C. doesn't actually reflect Neibauer's thoughts. His tweets indicate that he did not write that headline.

Poll results

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