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Restaurants and Bars Handle the Shutdown; Heat Map

SHUTDOWN SPECIALS— Due to the government shutdown, a ton of restaurants and bars are offering specials. Some don't even require a government ID. But Congress isn't welcome.

SHUTDOWN WOES— The shutdown also means some hard-to-get-into restaurants are a bit emptier.

EATER MAPS— The Heatmap has been updated with the just opened Rose's Luxury.
K STREETLook has reopened with yet another look and a menu more like its predecessor, Teatro Goldoni.

LOGAN CIRCLEBarcelona Wine Bar has opened on 14th Street.

EATER GUIDES— Everything you ever wanted to know about banh mi fillings.

EXPANSION WIRE— Philadelphia chef Kevin Sbraga hopes to bring his restaurant to D.C. Take our poll on which Philly transplant coming here is the most exciting.

EATER MAPS— Lots of deviled eggs around town. Find them here.